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Kellogg’s Australia launches a new reduced sugar LCMs range


Kellogg’s Australia has rolled out a new range of its iconic lunch box brand, LCMs – the snack bar kids love. The new range contains 25 per cent less sugar than comparable LCM bars and are available in two new delicious flavours.

The NEW mouth-watering range is set to shake up school snacks. Choc Strawberry combines the sweet taste of chocolate with a burst of strawberry flavour. The Caramel variant compliments the crispy marshmallow base with delicious caramel toppers.

The new crispy treat is made from the same puffed rice used in Kellogg’s Rice Bubbles cereal and now caters to Aussies who are looking for a snack that’s reduced in sugar.

“LCMs is a beloved snack that Aussies know and adore, which is why we’ve developed products with delicious flavours that they expect while having a quarter less sugar than comparable LCM bars,” Kellogg’s Australia marketing manager Tash Sunderland said.

“Our new LCMs 25 per cent Less Sugar range is sure to delight! We’re excited to see parents across the country liven up school lunchboxes and afternoon snack time, providing little moments of joy to their kids.”

The LCMs 25 per cent Less Sugar range is also free from artificial colours and flavours.

The new LCMs bars are now available in Coles supermarkets.


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