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Kellogg’s celebrates 100 years of Australian manufacturing

This year marks 100 years of manufacturing in Australia for popular breakfast cereal brand Kellogg’s.

Australians love for the brand begin in 1924 with the iconic cereal Corn Flakes, which was the companies first production factory in Chippendale. After only four years a new factory was set up in Botany, the same site as it is today.

Now in 2024 the Botany factory produces 42 million kilograms of cereal every year.

Over the decades, Kellogg’s has made Nutri-Grain, Just Right and Sustain uniquely for Aussie tastes. To this day, Nutri-Grain cereal is only made in the Botany facility in Australia.  

The factory continues to source the majority of its raw ingredients from local Australian farmers. Specifically 87% of the ingredients in Botany use locally sourced ingredients such as corn, wheat, rice, oats, sugar and salt.

Managing director of Kellanova ANZ, Anthony Holme said “Having sourced Aussie-grown ingredients over the past 100 years, we’re focused on ensuring our farmers stay resilient, so we can continue sourcing from them for the next hundred. In 2020 we increased our support by partnering with the Cool Soil Initiative, working together to reduce farm greenhouse gas emissions and future-proof crops against climate change.”

Kellogg’s has opened its archives to share highlights from the last century:

Cornelius, the Corn Flakes rooster, first appeared on boxes in 1960. 

‘Just like a chocolate milkshake . . . only crunchy!’ first aired on national television in 1962 for Coco Pops.

The year 1980 saw the launch of the Nutri-Grain IronMan and IronWoman series. This partnership continues 43 years on, creating a lasting connection within the surf sporting community.   

In 2006 Kellogg pioneers the first front-pack Percentage Daily Intake Counters, empowering informed food choices.

Pringles an icon of the snacking world, joined the Kellogg Company in 2012.

 Kellogg’s has been on a mission to make a difference to Aussie communities since the first facility was set up in Chippendale in 1924. It continues to support Australian communities, donating over 60 million serves of cereal and snacks over the past 10 years as part of the Better Days Initiative.

“When you wake up this morning and enjoy your bowl of Kellogg’s cereal, know that there have been one hundred years of Aussies doing the same. I feel honoured to be leading the celebrations and have thoroughly enjoyed looking back on our rich history…of being there at every table, for millions of Aussies”  said Holme.

Kellogg’s brands will continue to be there for Aussies through a nutritious breakfast, an after-school snack, or refuelling on a road trip.

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