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Kellogg’s releases its newest addition to the Nutri-grain range – Vanilla Malt with 25% Less Sugar

Kellogg’s Australia has released Nutri-Grain Vanilla Malt flavour with 25% Less Sugar – the new cereal is a health-conscious take on the Australian favourite, which produces almost 1 million serves every day to meet demand.  

Product development manager and chief taste tester at Kellogg’s Australia, Clara McMullin, tasted over 20 variations to balance the flavour, texture and colour. 

“Each day, I taste, rate and help improve cereal to make breakfast time that much tastier for households all across Australia – what job could be better?” she said.  

“Breakfast is evolving, and Aussies are increasingly health-conscious, so Nutri-Grain Vanilla Malt flavour cereal with 25% Less Sugar has been our secret project for the last two years. I’m excited for households to finally taste it.” 

Working at Kellogg’s for almost two decades, McMullin has eaten over 4,000 bowls of cereal. McMullin and her team have developed some of Australia’s favourite cereals. 

McMullin says that Nutri-Grain Vanilla Malt with 25% Less Sugar will be hard to beat.  

“It’s definitely one of my favourite cereal creations from my career with Kellogg Australia. It’s everything you love about Nutri-Grain while being light on sugar and full of taste. It will be hard to beat,” she said.  

The newestaddition to the Nutri-Grain range, that can now be found on shelves nationally in Coles, Woolworths and independents. 

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