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Kellogg’s Rice Bubbles releases a new Multigrain range


Kellogg’s Australia has released a new multigrain Rice Bubbles cereal packed with essential nutrients in a fun new “moon” shape and two new flavours, to address the challenge of finding a breakfast cereal that kids will enjoy. 

Available in both Berry and Honey flavours, the new range is set to shake up breakfast time by making a nutritious start to the day lots of tasty fun!  

Additionally, the new range delivers immune support backed by Vitamin D, B6, Folate, Iron and Zinc, it’s a source of whole grain oats and fibre, and has no artificial colours or flavours. 

“Families are seeking breakfast options that are healthy and nutritious, while being a delicious choice that kids will enjoy and finish all the way to the end of the bowl,” Kellogg’s Australia senior marketing lead – Breakfast Portfolio Dan Bitti said. 

“This new range of Rice Bubbles Multigrain has been made, really ticking the box for both parents and kids.” 

Rice Bubbles Multigrain Honey and Berry flavours are available at Coles now and Woolworths from September. RRP is $7.50 for a 450g box.  

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