Kiwi coffee drinkers get their hit at the supermarket

New Zealand coffee drinkers are turning to home-style beverages in an effort to beat the recession, according to a a new survey.

Euromonitor International hot drinks survey has revealed that while tightening purse strings have not dampened Kiwi appetitites for coffee, they are increasingly looking to supermarkets for good quality coffee.

A widening variety of blends offered in supermarkets and specialist stores is said to be driving the trend for higher quality coffee at home.

Coffee imports into New Zealand have grown in the last eight years from NZS$32 million to around $50 million, with cafes and restaurants in the country during that time increased from 4800 to 7000, according to Statistics NZ.

The New Zealand Coffee Roasters Association said the growth in popularity of coffee in New Zealand was similar to that of the wine industry several years ago.

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