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Koko Black indulges all with a new marble seasoned with surprise

Australian artisanal chocolatier, Koko Black has unveiled a new treat that is ready to surprise this Halloween.

Koko Black invites all to take a delicate bite into the newest addition to the Single Batch range, Pumpkin Spiced Marbles launching in-store and online Monday 2 October.

As part of the limited-edition collection of unique chocolates using innovative flavor combinations and ingredients, Pumpkin Spiced Marbles are the elevated festive treat that no traditional chocolate-bar could beat.

The Australian chocolatier has infused their Marbles with the ultimate spice blend of ginger, clove, nutmeg and cinnamon to add a festive flavour to the product.

Using natural Australian ingredients, Koko Black begins the process of creation by making fresh pumpkin juice and puree, before it is mixed with the spice blend and cream.

Carefully folding pumpkin into smooth and rich white chocolate ganache, the marble is finished with a generous coating of 54 per cent dark chocolate, inevitably becoming the most coveted chocolate treat for a Happy Halloween.

This Marble will be another reminder of Koko Black’s industry-leading innovation, which stems from the mastermind of Head Chocolatier, Remco Brigou. Koko Black and Brigou have a penchant for experimenting in the kitchen, inventing unconventional flavour combinations that are simply irresistible.

As part of the Single Batch series, first launched with Wasabi Peas, Pumpkin Spiced Marbles are a daring and adventurous treat that is ready for trick or treating this October.

Remco Brigou says, “Our Single Batch creations were an opportunity to push culinary boundaries and dare chocolate lovers to indulge in a sweet that’s out of the ordinary, but just as delicious as any other chocolate.”

“I wanted to complement the spirit of Halloween, which is why these magic Marbles became the ideal successor to our first Single Batch creation.”

Pumpkin Spiced Marbles will be rolling into stores and online on 2 October.

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