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Kommunity Brew launches Cold Matter range in Coles store deal

Kommunity Brew

A 25-store deal with Coles has cemented the launch of Kommunity Brew’s new Cold Matter range of small-batch, cold-brew coffees and teas. 

The news comes as the young beverage company settles into a new brewery headquarters with a 375 per cent increase in production capacity to meet growing demand for its expanding portfolio of premium functional beverages. 

Kommunity Brew Cold Brew Coffee Long Black, Cold Brew Coffee Oat Milk, Cold Brew Tea Peach and Cold Brew Tea Watermelon signal the Perth-based brewer’s eager entry into a global market that has exploded in recent years and forecast to reach $2.04 billion in 2023. 

Chocolatey and smooth, the luxurious, pick-me-up Cold Matter coffees are fresh, clean, low in calories with zero sugar, pure ingredients and minimal processing. 

Light and refreshing on the palette, the low-cal, zero-added-sugar Cold Matter teas awaken the mind with plenty of juicy fruit flavour and a clean finish. 

Nathanial Oldmeadow, who joined Kommunity Brew in October as the brewer’s new general operations and innovation manager, said the Cold Matter range has been developed for the discerning cold-brew customer seeking taste, purity and hand-crafted quality. 

“Our Cold Matter range is in a strong position to capitalise on both the Covid-induced buy-local movement and the healthier lifestyle choices influencing shoppers’ brand selections today,” Oldmeadow said. 

Research by IBISWorld in 2021 revealed consumers were increasingly looking for quality ingredients, reflecting growing health and wellbeing concerns globally over the previous five years. 

Kommunity Brew
Cold Matter Cold Brew Coffees.

“For those cutting back on their alcohol consumption, for example, the indications are they don’t want to sacrifice great taste or social enjoyment, so many are looking to their local producers to provide healthy or better-for-you options,” Oldmeadow said. 

“We’ve developed new processes for the cold steeping of coffee and tea to produce our new Cold Matter range and will continue to innovate without losing any of the small-batch freshness and great taste our customers rely on us for.” 

Containing nothing artificial, Kommunity Brew products are all high in antioxidants, low-sugar, gluten-free and either no-alcohol or low-alcohol. 

Kommunity Brew has plans for more product launches in the coming months, plus an online “build your own kit” service for kombucha made at home, and a series of fermentation workshops at the new brewery. 

A stone’s throw from the headquarters of WA’s beloved West Coast Eagles in the reinvigorated Perth suburb of Lathlain, Kommunity Brew’s new brewery sets the stage for significantly greater production capacity, product innovation and environmental stewardship. 

Kommunity Brew
Cold Matter Cold Brew Teas.

Mason Bagios, CEO and one of Kommunity Brew’s founding partners, said investing in high efficiency, low-footprint machinery and thermal management systems, plus greater potential for automation, brings the company closer to its goal of being CO2 neutral by 2025. 

Equipped to handle fast prototyping and small batch quantities and backed by a skilled and experienced team, the new brewery also lays the foundations for future innovation and niche brand collaborations in response to changes in the nation’s drinking culture. 

“Now in our seventh year, we’re comfortable and confident in our fundamentals, proving ourselves as a quality and scalable manufacturing operation that’s ready to take that next step,” Bagios said. 

It all makes for a milestone moment in the growth of an enterprising young business that started life in a garden shed in 2015 and now boasts year-on-year sales growth of 71 per cent and more than 450 stockists. 

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