Kraft cuts water usage by 21 per cent

Kraft Foods, the world’s second-largest foodmaker, claims it cut water use worldwide by 21 per cent.

The company needed a total of three billion fewer gallons of water for manufacturing over the past three years, according to a spokesman.

Plants are recycling water and fixing leaks, while water frozen in basement pools cools the US Illinois headquarters.

Kraft set environmental goals in 2005, including the elimination of 150 million pounds of packaging by 2011.

“Sustainability is a very important theme with our customers,” Kraft CEO Irene Rosenfeld said.

The company said it met its water goal two years early. Kraft hired an executive to oversee environmental projects shortly after Rosenfeld took over in 2006.

A redesign of Kraft’s Oscar Mayer Deli Creations wrappers will save 1.2 million pounds of packaging.

Internet source: Bloomberg

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