Kraft Foods opens chocolate facility in Brazil

Posted by Rita Mu

Kraft Foods has opened a new $80 million manufacturing facility in Pernambuco, Brazil.

The 270,000-square-foot plant will initially produce chocolate and powdered beverages. A biscuit line will be added in 2012.

The facility will employ more than 600 employees and eventually grow to 800 when the new biscuit line opens in 2012.

"With the opening of our new plant in Pernambuco, we’re providing jobs to local Brazilians, investing in our communities and meeting the needs of our consumers in this important, fast-growing region," said Marcos Grasso, President of Kraft Foods Brazil.

The new facility will boast prismatic skylights, solar lighting and water heating, a wastewater treatment plant, low-emission equipment and eco-paved parking lots. The new facility is also seeking to be recognised by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, an internationally recognised green building certification system.

The Pernambuco facility will be Kraft’s first certified plant in a developing market.

"Each small step adds up to a big difference," Grasso said. "These innovations are not only green, they also keep manufacturing costs down.”

Combining the new plant and other planned manufacturing expansions, the company will invest about $200 million in Brazil over a two-year period – the largest investment in the market in more than a decade.

"Brazil is one of 10 priority developing markets where we’re making big bets," said Sanjay Khosla, President, Kraft Foods Developing Markets.

“Today, we’re among the fastest growing consumer goods companies in markets like Brazil, India and China. We’re excited to build on what’s working by making our biggest investment in Brazil in more than 10 years!"

Image: money.cnn.com


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