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Kraft Heinz launches Bare Bones finishing sauces

Bare Bones

Global food and beverage company Kraft Heinz has announced the launch of its latest brand Bare Bones, a range of premium and locally made finishing sauces. 

Bare Bones is collection of gravies, sauces and jus with a focus on deliciously simple ingredients to inspire Australians to get creative in the kitchen. The range incorporates ingredients such as truffle, black garlic and wine to complement herbs and rich glace, with each 200g pouch of Bare Bones containing four serves. 

The launch comes in direct response to Australians seeking flavoursome finishing sauce and gravy options, evolving the category from its old-fashioned perceptions to one that is harmonious with modern home cooking. Bare Bones is a range stripped bare of any artificial colours or flavours, containing ingredients that are easy to understand and recognise, often found in Australian pantries.  

Bare Bones represents what consumers want in modern gravy and finishing sauces, no matter their culinary expertise, Kraft Heinz chief marketing officer Shane Kent said. “We believe the most delicious flavours come from simple ingredients. Each sauce has been carefully crafted to be the perfect accompaniment to modern meals, redefining the gravy and sauces category. 

“We understand that Australian shoppers are wanting new options when it comes to finishing sauces and we are proud to be driving local innovations to meet these demands. Bare Bones thoughtfully brings together the qualities that only premium ingredients can offer – simple and genuinely delicious choices that elevate any meal,” Kent said 

Comprised of simple ingredients that offer versatility through modern recipes, the range is available in four flavours: classic gravy with black garlic; red wine jus with rosemary and thyme; free-range chicken gravy with white wine; and mushroom sauce with truffle. 

The Bare Bones range of premium finishing sauces, gravies and jus are now available Australia-wide at Woolworths and independent grocers at $7.00 per pouch. In New Zealand, the range will be available nationwide at New World and Pak N Save. 

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