Kraft singles grow up

In a coup for ‘grown up’ kids who love cheese, and the convenience of wrapped slices; the team at Kraft Foods Australia have released a new exciting range of Kraft Singles that meet more grown up taste preferences and provide Dairy goodness.

New Kraft Singles have a stronger taste and a firmer texture, while also being a healthy choice. They contain no artificial colours or flavours and half a glass of milk is in every slice. Plus they are enriched with Vitamin D, which assists with Calcium absorption.

New Kraft Singles come in three varieties — Extra Tasty, Light n’ Tasty, and Swiss — which are guaranteed to appeal to older kids.

Kraft Singles have been a family favourite for Australian households since 1976 — the smooth creamy, milky taste provides a healthy introduction to the world of cheese that children love to eat. However, as kids become older their palettes start to mature and they seek tastier foods.

With this in mind, Kraft have developed new Kraft Singles — a great step up cheese range, meeting older kids taste preferences, but without losing the convenience of individually wrapped slices.

Head of Corporate Affairs Kraft Foods Australia/New Zealand, Simon Talbot, said: “‘Grown up’ kids will love the taste of new Kraft Singles. The three new delicious flavours will appeal to a range of cheese tastes and they are perfect for sandwiches or as a healthy lunchbox snack.”

“New Kraft Singles are full of dairy goodness, so they are a great way for parents to get Calcium and Vitamin D into their kids,” he said.

New Kraft Singles come in foil packs in two convenient sizes, 205g and 410g, which are great for both small and larger households. RRP $3.29 for 205g and $5.99 for 410g.

Kraft Singles are available in all supermarkets early May.

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