Kraft Singles growing strong

Kraft’s exciting new range meets more grown up taste preferences, provides dairy goodness, and takes home the Awards’ Highly Commended title.

New Kraft Singles have recently been launched, with a stronger flavour and a firmer texture, to meet older kids’ taste preferences, without losing the convenience of individually wrapped slices.

The Singles, which are available in Extra Tasty, Swiss and Light ‘n’ Tasty flavours, include no artificial colours or flavours, and contain half a glass of milk and 21% of the calcium recommended daily intake per slice. The cheeses are also enriched with vitamin D to assist with calcium absorption.

The launch of New Kraft Singles represents the first time that there has been any innovation or advertising in the ‘Individually wrapped slices’ category in over five years. New Kraft Singles therefore have a strong goal — to stimulate growth and re-invigorate the traditional market.

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