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Kraft’s Livefree cheese

Product name: Livefree

Product manufacturer: Kraft

Ingredients: Milk, salt, starter cultures, enzyme

Shelf life: 210 days, 7 months

Packaging: Printed film, with clear window on the back

Product manager: Jessie Rosengarten

Brand website: www.kraftlivefree.com.au

What the company says
Health-conscious Australians hungry for a low-fat cheese that tastes fantastic can satisfy their cheesiest cravings in February 2013 when Kraft Livefree hits supermarket shelves. Livefree has 80 percent less fat than regular tasty cheese*, making it the perfect choice for those looking for a low fat option.

Livefree is also four times lower in fat than other light tasty cheeses*; all the while maintaining its delicious cheddar flavour. This truly lighter option is also higher in protein and calcium than most other light tasty cheeses*.

Made in Australia, Livefree is created in a similar way to regular tasty cheese. Its all natural ingredients consist of pure fresh milk, salt, cultures and non-animal rennet. With no additives, Livefree is wholesome and a good source of calcium, perfect for everyday eating.

Deliciously versatile, Livefree is perfect for cooking and snacking allowing you to celebrate your love for cheese everyday. Available in 250g and 500g blocks and 250g ready grated packs, Livefree is easy to incorporate into any recipe favourite. Shave a little Livefree into your risotto, chop up a few cubes and add them to your salad or use to make a hearty and flavour filled frittata.

*compared to leading Australian light tasty cheese brands

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