Krones launches its own Corporate TV

Germany’s Krones — the world’s technology leader for filling and packaging machinery — has been broadcasting on its own Corporate TV channels.

Corporate TV is being used for internal and external corporate communication, centred around orientation, transparency, responsiveness, emotions, identification and above all around services for the benefit of the firm’s customers and partners.

Krones Corporate TV offers seven channels:

  • The Technology channel provides information on new products and developments.
  • News shows the most recent films, the latest of which is an interview with the Project Manager for enviro on the subject of: “How enviro are Krones’ machines?”
  • The Events channel keeps its viewers up to date on trade fairs and the like.
  • On the Careers Channel, the topics addressed are job profiles, work and training at Krones.

Why is Corporate TV important? The information flow has grown to unprecedented dimensions: in view of this diversity, and the permanent shortage of precious time, Corporate TV, in particular, offers a fast, up-to-date moving-picture overview. Animations render complex causal connections and operations easily comprehensible.

Ever since it was founded, Krones has been characterised by future-focused action and innovative vigour. Which is why the world’s market leader is the first company in its chosen sector to launch its own Corporate TV.

The RSS function (Really Simple Syndication) provides an option for being swiftly informed of any new films.

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