Krones started manufacturing labellers in 1951, and has since taken its operations to a global scale, going far beyond the classical confines of machine and plant engineering.

With its holistic approach, the company has become an all-rounder to its customers by harmoniously synergising and optimising machine design, line know-how, process engineering, microbiology and information technology. Krones has developed into a ‘systems technology’ provider.

The company employs more than 9,000 people worldwide. About 87% of the lines produced go to foreign countries. The group’s turnover in 2005 totalled €1.695 billion.

The Krones group designs, develops, manufactures and installs both machines and complete filling and packaging lines.

Its principal customers are breweries and beverage producers, the food industry, and the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

The product range comprises:

  • Stretch blow-moulding technology;
  • Filling and closing technology;
  • Cold-aseptic filling;
  • Labelling and decoration technology;
  • Inspection and monitoring technology;
  • Cleaning technology, rinsers and pasteurisers;
  • Packing and palletising technology;
  • Conveying systems technology;
  • Systems technology;
  • Process technology; and
  • Intralogistics Brewing technology (Steinecker).
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