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La Zuppa Just Add Water

Product Name: La Zuppa Just Add Water

Product Manufacturer: Valcorp Fine Foods

Ingredients: Stock, Vegetables and Herbs

Shelf Life: 2 Years

Packaging: Single Serve Foil Pouches

Product Manager: Bree Nicholson

Brand Website: https://lazuppa.com.au/

What the company says:

La Zuppa, one of Australia’s favourite soup brands, is launching a game changing all natural alternative to cup of soup, that is gluten free, dairy free and low in fat.

Called Just Add Water, the new La Zuppa instant soup range is made from premium quality liquid stock concentrate that uses all real ingredients that you can see, and no nasty additives or preservatives.

Just Add Water is available in five flavours including:

  • Chicken, Vegetable & Rice
  • Lentil
  • South American Style Chicken & Corn
  • Tom Yum
  • Vegetable & Bean


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