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Lakanto’s Monkfruit providing a healthy alternative to sugar

Promoted as ‘Revolutionising the health of the planet by creating innovative sugar-free foods,’ Lakanto, an Australian based health brand, promotes a healthier lifestyle through the replacement of Monkfruit over sugar.

Also known as the Immortals Fruit, the Monkfruit is a small round fruit that is part of the gourd family. It is considered to be a “healing herb” in eastern medicine, and according to Lakanto, unlike other fruits which gets their sweetness from fructose or sucrose, the Monkfruit gains its sweetness from the antioxidant Mogroside V.

According to Lakanto, the body processes Mogroside V different from the sugar found in fruit thus producing zero calories.

Lakanto is a child company of Saraya Co. Ltd, a Japanese based sanitation and hygiene manufacturer. The Monkfruit is harvested and shipped direct from Japan to Australia with the brand focusing on sustainable practices with a zero-emissions processing plant.

“It’s not helping people to give (just some) food, but it’s helping people to make the business a sustainable life together,” says CEO of Saraya Co. Ltd, Yusuke Saraya.

The online platform sells a variety of Monkfruit sugar substitutes and sweeteners, along with free recipes that utilise the Monkfruit sugar.

Recipe ideas and products can be found here.

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