Larrikin Gin imbues the heart of Australian larrikinism in every drop

From the true-blue Crocodile Hunter to the green and gold of the boxing kangaroo, Australia’s often been said to possess a ‘larrikin streak’.

But when it comes to gin, there’s a lot of undue fuss and pomposity. And so, just like when the great man Dundee asked, ‘you call that a knife?’, Larrikin’s asking ‘you call that a gin?’, while they pull out four of the best gins ever distilled. They’re serious about gin, so you don’t have to be.

In four varieties of appreciation for their namesake, Larrikin Gin (née Kilderkin Distillery Gin) bottles the harmless prankster, a bit of cheek and a load of irreverence into high quality spirits that can be enjoyed by everyone, including those with a preference for drinking their spirits neat, as well as those who like to add their favourite mixers.

ORIGINAL LARRIKIN – AUSTRALIAN (42%) The true larrikin, this one’s a contemporary gin with carefully selected Australian botanicals complementing the juniper and coriander base. Notes of lemon and hints of spice. A well-balanced gin with a smooth mouth feel that can be sipped on its own or used to create some interesting new mixed drinks. RRP $80.00

SCOUNDREL – LONDON DRY (42%) A classic London Dry, with notes of juniper and coriander, balanced with intrigue from spices including cinnamon verum and brown cardamom along with accents of fresh citrus. A well-balanced gin. Smooth, great depth and a superb mixer. RRP $75.00

BUCCANEER – NAVY STRENGTH (57%) Forget orange juice, this gin would have kept scurvy away – distilled with plenty of flavour extracted from quality botanicals with an extra ration of juniper and added limes. The Buccaneer is the ideal spirit for mixers and cocktails. Initially smooth on the front palate this gin releases the complexity of flavours before the higher alcohol level makes its presence known. RRP $95.00

BARREL-AGED – BATCH #3 (43.5%) This gin has been ‘aged’ in small American Oak barrels, that once held bourbon and then Tasmanian whisky. It’s called ‘aged’ because the gin is only there for a few weeks, sufficient to provide oaky nuances and soften the juniper to let some of the other botanicals come through more clearly. Small batches of Scoundrel and of the Original Larrikin are aged, so each batch has unique characteristics. RRP $95.00


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