Latest flow control solution

The latest in paddle-wheel flow meters for continuous flow measurement and control has been released by Bürkert Fluid Control Systems.

The product has been developed with standardised components and a modular design principle which enhances the flexibility of the range, delivering more options and cost-effective customised solutions to consumers.

The Type 8012 ‘star’ flow meter is suitable for a wide array of applications in water and waste treatment, cooling systems, general manufacturing and OEM applications.

With threaded, butt weld-ends and clamp ports, the 8012 integrates economically into pipe systems without any additional piping.

The compact ‘star’ flow meter operates under both magnetic and optical measurement principles, with the presence of optical sensors capable of detecting smart flow direction and programmable limit values.

It delivers a measurement range 0.5 to 1200L/minute with in-line pressure of 10 bar or 16 bar with alternative fitting material options.

Fluidic fittings are available in stainless steel, brass, PVC, PP or PVDF.

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