Latest multi-function measuring device

Siemens latest innovation is combining a power measuring and monitoring device into one single product – making the SENTRON PAC3200 an ideal replacement over conventional analogue display instruments.

“The SENTRON PAC3200 allows users to collect more than 50 energy distribution parameters such as voltage, current, outputs, energy, THD with minimum, maximum and mean values; all displayed in the built-in control panel,” said Siemens Product Manager – Low-Voltage Controls and Distribution, Steve Amor.

This new and efficient power meter device has been specifically designed for the monitoring of electrical systems and for the accurate collection of energy data, highlighting excessive usage violations.

The SENTRON PAC 3200 power monitoring device is supplied with integrated Modbus TCP (via standard ethernet connection) or Profibus via the optionally available SENTRON PAC Profibus DP expansion module, thus ensuring a seamless integration into almost any control system via the most commonly used protocols.

In addition, the SENTRON PAC3200 can be fully integrated into existing power management systems such as the Siemens SIMATIC Powercontrol WinCC Powerrate or the Siemens SIMATIC PCS7 Powerrate making sure that energy consumption is efficiently monitored while constantly tracking the system’s operational status.

The SENTRON PAC3200 power meter will be available by mid 2008 with RTU Modbus software enabling direct Modbus connectivity.

For more information on the Siemens SENTRON PAC 3200 contact Siemens on 131 773.

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