Launch of latest sugar innovation

CSR, in partnership with Horizon Science, have used innovation and world first technology to develop a range of sugar that’s ‘Better for You’.

CSR sugar’s Better for You range consists of a natural Low GI cane sugar, CSR LoGiCane and is accompanied by CSR Smart and CSR Organic.

According to the company, CSR LoGiCane represents a step forward in sugar innovation.

CSR sugar has worked with Horizon Science to purify the phytophenols – a group of naturally occurring chemicals found in sugar cane molasses – to naturally increase sugar’s resistance to digestion.

CSR sugar marketing manager, Esh Ediriweera, said the innovation was an extremely exciting development for the company and demonstrates an important step forward for the sugar industry.

“People enjoy moderate sugar consumption but are increasingly looking for healthier options. The Better for You range has been developed in response to this demand.

“We’ve been in the sugar business for more than 150 years. During this time, CSR has been responsible for many developments within the industry. We are very excited to launch the Better for You range, and in particular to be the first to develop a low GI cane sugar,” Ediriweera said.

He said consumers can be assured that the range will have the same sweet taste, while feeling confident that it’s the healthier way to enjoy sugar.

Horizon Science’s Chief Scientific Officer, David Kannar, said they commenced researching the feasibility of low GI sugar in 2005.

“Switching to eating mainly low GI carbohydrate foods, including LoGiCane, keeps energy levels balanced and helps with satiety between meals.

“We are effectively leaving the best of what Mother Nature intended in the sugar. Quite surprisingly, retention of the right phytochemicals in the sugar reduces the amount of glucose absorption,” Dr Kannar said.

The two other products within the range also represent an important step forward in sugar innovation.

CSR Smart

CSR Smart contains all natural ingredients.

Formulated by extracting the sucrose from the Stevia plant in a similar way to that of sugar cane, the high intensity natural plant extract is blended with sugar – the result is the smarter, better for you option.

CSR Smart is twice as sweet, meaning only half a teaspoon is required and half the calories acquired.

CSR Organic

Those passionate about organic products will appreciate CSR Organic, which is Australian Certified Organic.

Grown sustainably, without the use of chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers, it is the most natural way to consume sugar.

CSR sugar’s LoGiCane and CSR Organic are available in 375 and 750 gram packs, while CSR Smart is available in 500 gram packs.

The new range is now available in major supermarkets.

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