Launching new fruit flavours

Blue Pacific and HortResearch have finalised their license agreement for the development and commercialisation of natural fruit flavours, and the first two products under their new hortRealfruit brand are being launched this week.

The two companies announced their collaboration at the beginning of this year. Running for an initial five years, the aim is to develop the next generation of fruit flavours and natural fruit-based ingredients.

Against this timeframe, this week’s IFT expo in New Orleans sees the launch of the first hortRealfruit flavours — Oceania Pacifica Apple and Gold Kiwi.

Oceania Pacifica has a flavour like that of the Jazz apple variety, to which Enza Ltd owns the trademark. It is described as having a “crisp, tangy, sweet apple flavour. The Golden Kiwi flavour, on the other hand, is described as having a “silky sweet” fruit flavor.

The agreement between Blue Pacific, a US flavour firm, and NZ’s HortResearch hinges on access to HortResearch’s database. This contains all information on the fruit’s biochemical make-up, acid, starches and volatiles, as well as how the varieties were developed through the breeding process.

The primary use of this resource by HortResearch was to help breeders in developing fruit varieties. The Blue Pacific deal is the first time HortResearch has opened up this resource to a commercial enterprise, for the development of ingredients for the market.

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