Laurent Bakery gets gold medal at fine food awards for its Coles Finest Range

Australian company, Laurent Bakery, has been recognised with numerous awards at the Annual Royal Hobart Fine Food awards.

The bakery was recognised for its Coles Finest Range at awards night, which is in its 22nd year.

Laurent Boillon, founder of Laurent Bakery, said it was an honour to have Laurent Bakery breads awarded with multiple medals at the prestigious awards.

“Our charcoal brioche buns and olive batard received the prestigious gold medal in their categories. We also received a bronze medal for our baked ciabatta, sourdough baguette, and white sourdough Vienna,” he said.

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“We are thrilled that Coles customers across Australia get to experience our fine bread. The Coles Finest range has really taken off much more than our expectations,” said Boillon.

To ensure freshness and high quality, the bread supplied to Coles is 90 per cent baked in the factory, then finalised in-store.

Laurent Bakery has 16 standalone stores, in Melbourne and Sydney, and a wholesale business with Coles.

At the start of his career, Boillon trained in Paris, where he learnt how important and precious flavours were and where to source his ingredients.

Twenty-five years ago, he landed in Melbourne to create sourdough bread, among other breads.

In 1993, Laurent Bakery established itself. The company is a leader in automating the artisanal bread making process in Australia.



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