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Let them eat icing: Queen’s Royal Icing

Product: Queen’s Royal Icing
Manufacturer: Queen Fine Foods
Ingredients: Sugar, Tapioca Starch, Egg White powder, Food Acid (300)
Shelf life: Two years
Packaging: Queen Fine Foods
Product Manager: Jessica Colacino
Website: www.queen.com.au

What the company says

Queen Fine Foods have put the icing on the Queen’s cake with the latest edition to their diverse range of baking products introducing, Queen’s Royal Icing.

Friends, family, Lords and Ladies will be impressed with the ease, versatility, and taste of Queen Royal Icing, the first of its kind on Australian shelves with a ‘just add water’ preparation.

Perfect for decorating cakes, biscuits and cupcakes, Queen Royal Icing dries to a smooth, firm and elegant finish.

Its professional results and versatility in the kitchen has seen Queen Royal Icing quickly become a favourite for pastry chefs and home-bakers alike.

Queen Royal Icing’s no fuss preparation means you can be ready for cake decorating and piping within minutes.

Queen Royal Icing can also be used to create intricate and lavish cakes and creations such as tiered cakes and gingerbread houses, as the icing works as an edible adhesive with the final product ready for a royal audience.

Thanks to the ease of Queen Royal Icing bakers of every level will be royally pleased as they have more time to relax and enjoy the most regal of treats, just as the Queen intended.

Treat guest like they’re part of the Royal family with these delicious baked delights:

The Queen’s Birthday Butter Cake – A delectable guilty pleasure worthy of a crown. Queen Royal Icing is at its best drizzled atop a Queen’s cake.
Sir Strawberry Kisses – Queen’s Royal Icing acts as an edible adhesive, hugging the divide strawberry flavours to a crisp bisuit.
Royal Chocolate Eclairs – A royal indulgence fit for a Queen. A bite sized explosion of chocolate with a delicate French pastry.

Queen Royal Icing is now available from supermarkets and independents nationwide, RRP $3.99


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