Lightweight oxygen analyser for cost-effective quality control in safe-area applications

Michell Instruments has launched a new lightweight oxygen analyser to provide accurate and cost-effective control of oxygen from 500ppm O2 to oxygen purity in safe area applications.

The XTP501 Oxygen Analyser uses Michell’s tried and tested thermo-paramagnetic technology for highly accurate and stable measurements. These sensors are non-depleting and will last for the life of the instrument under normal operation which keeps the cost of ownership low since only minimal maintenance is required and there are no consumable parts to replace.

The analyser offers users a choice of ranges to ensure the best accuracy for specific applications. There are six available ranges to choose from: 0-1/21/25 per cent O2 and 20/80/90 to 10 per cent O2, which are suitable for a range of application needs from monitoring trace oxygen in inert gases to ensuring the purity of oxygen generated for use as an industrial gas.

The XTP501 is a highly stable instrument at ±0.25 per cent of span per month and accurate to ±0.02 per cent O2, making it one of the best-performing analysers in its class. Because they have no moving parts or liquid components thermo-paramagnetic oxygen sensors are robust and not affected by vibration or sudden shocks.

With a lightweight IP55-rated casing, the analyser is compact and easily installed. Suitable for indoor installation, the IP55 case makes it robust enough for most industrial safe-area conditions such as food and beverage production, non-hazardous installations and small-scale industrial gas production. It has an intuitive touch screen interface that is easy to use, interrogate and set up.

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