LINAK Easy Movement Integration

With the launch of the LA36 still reaching great potential, LINAK has added another new addition to its TECHLINE solutions. Not only has it launched a more automated control but with no less than five actuators with the integrated CAN bus control, it makes making the decision to switch to electric power a lot simpler.

The widely used BUS communication protocol is fully integrated with the actuators to ensure easy and adaptable implementation with existing systems.

Solutions with CAN bus control come in all sizes
Five LINAK actuators now come with integrated SAE J1939 CAN bus – the LA14, LA25, LA33, LA36 and LA37. These actuators cover a wide span regarding size and power as
some types of machinery require a powerful push or pull, while others require less. Some are located in tight spots where there is almost no space. However, they all have to be controlled from the driver’s cabin.

The LINAK range of SAE J1939 CAN bus actuators offers much easier integration and adjustment possibilities. With few components and simple wiring, these actuators give you a less complicated installation and connection to the existing CAN bus network in your machine. Handling also becomes easier, as every actuator type can be adapted to perform different functions in the same machine with just a minor program change.

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