Lindemans launches million dollar global ‘sunshine’ campaign

Australian winemaker Lindemans has launched a million dollar campaign around the phrase “It’s the sunshine that makes it”.

The brand which comes under the umbrella of Treasury Wine Estates, will be spending $1.6m in Britain alone over a 17-week period. The campaign will be split into two phases; phase one will be active from now until the end of October, and the second run will commence mid-year – the Northern Hemisphere’s spring, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

The campaign as its tagline suggests, is heavily weighted in sunshine and outdoor imagery and will have a strong online presence in addition to other above the line advertising.

'I think the sunshine represents what we stand for at Lindeman's, which is living positively and embracing a life balance, so as a brand team we thought sunshine was a good metaphor for that,'' said Michelle Terry, Lindemans' managing director.

''Our idea is that sunshine transforms the way people feel and we certainly think that … when people reach for a glass of Lindeman's then hopefully the idea that Lindeman's contains at least 1000 hours of sunshine in every drop does translate.''

The winery’s move to zone in on the concept of ‘sunshine in a bottle’ is indeed a bold one. Most Australian winemakers have a tendency to steer away from the concept as it communicates a ‘cheap and cheerful’ image – one that Lindeman’s is hoping to turn into a positive.

Terry says that her team is excited about the campaign and dismissed concerns that the sunshine concept could backfire amongst local drinkers.

''It's something that is well received by consumers out there in the world, which we can see by the enduring popularity of Lindeman's,” said Terry.

''We are the No.1 Australian wine brand in Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands and now Canada, so I'm not concerned at all and I think Lindeman's is well renowned for its great taste and flavour.''


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