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Lindt CLASSIC Vegan Chocolate Blocks now available in Australia


Lindt’s master chocolatiers have created an innovative new range – the first Lindt Vegan range, including Lindt CLASSIC Vegan Smooth and Lindt CLASSIC Vegan Hazelnut. 

Lindt’s irresistibly delicious CLASSIC Vegan range has been expertly crafted, using only the finest quality ingredients to create the ultimate plant-based treat. 

Since 1845, Lindt master chocolatiers have brought passion to producing the finest chocolate. These two new blocks are no exception, with a combination of premium cocoa blended with oat and smooth almond to recreate the creaminess that consumers love about milk chocolate. 

Lindt Australia master chocolatier, Thomas Schnetzler, said the Lindt CLASSIC Vegan range is the ultimate vegan chocolate indulgence that delivers a decadent taste sensation and quality seen throughout their entire range. 

“People love and adore the creaminess and velvety rich flavour of milk chocolate, and now vegans can enjoy that premium full sensory, creamy chocolate experience whilst not compromising on quality or taste with Lindt’s irresistibly delicious CLASSIC Vegan range,” Schnetzler said. 

Australia is one of the most popular vegan nations in the world, with one in three consumers reducing their consumption of dairy and meat products. The launch of Lindt CLASSIC Vegan blocks will help capitalise on the growing number of consumers looking for alternative dairy products. 

Created with passion and expertise, The Lindt CLASSIC Vegan range is available in two varieties: 

100g, RRP $6.00. 

Lindt’s irresistible CLASSIC Vegan Smooth Chocolate is made with oat, bringing out rich earthy flavour, and is finished with almond that delivers a perfectly smooth and creamy texture. 

Lindt CLASSICCLASSIC Vegan Hazelnut
100g, RRP $6.00. 

Lindt’s irresistible CLASSIC Vegan Hazelnut Chocolate has a luxurious texture, with roasted hazelnuts surrounded by premium vegan chocolate for a contrast and rich nutty flavour. 

Lindt CLASSIC Vegan Chocolate Blocks will be available in all Lindt chocolate shops, cafés and online stores, and major independent grocers from 14 March and Coles supermarkets nationally from May. 

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