Lion breweries victim of cyber attack

Over the past week, Lion has continued to make progress in restoring many of its key systems following a cyber attack that caused a partial IT outage. The attack, which occurred on 12 June, was the result of ransomware targeting the company’s computer systems. In response, Lion  shut down key systems as a precaution.

In terms of  operations, the company has  managed to get all its breweries back up and running. It is now brewing, kegging, packaging and distributing beer at its nine major breweries across Australia and New Zealand.

All Lion’s dairy and juice sites are operational; and across many parts of the business customers are once again able to place orders and view their invoices online. Lion is working to get all of its customer ordering platforms operational as soon as possible.

Despite this progress, the company still expects to see some further disruptions as it continues to restore systems. Lion will continue to work with its team of experts to complete this work as quickly as possible, minimising any further disruptions, including to supply.

The timing of this attack – just as the hospitality industry is trying to get back on its feet post COVID-19 closures – could not have been more challenging for Lion and its industry partners.

To date, Lion does not have evidence of any data being removed. It remains a real possibility that data held on the company’s systems may be disclosed in the future.

The company’s cyber help line remains open 24 hours, 7 days a week, and it encourages any Lion stakeholders that may have questions or concerns about the cyber attack to use this service.


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