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Lite n’ Easy responds to demand for a Vegetarian menu

Lite n’ Easy

Lite n’ Easy, Australia’s home delivered, pre-prepared meal company, is continuing to help Australians live a healthier lifestyle with its new, wide ranged Vegetarian menu. 

Nearly 2.5 million Australians, or 12.1 per cent of the total population, now have diets of which the food is all, or almost all, vegetarian – an increase from 11.2 per cent in 2014. 

Lite n’ Easy now offers a full vegetarian menu with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options available every day. With plenty of variety, its Veggie range now has 70 breakfasts, 29 lunches and 13 dinners to choose from. 

A recent survey conducted by the company of over 4,000 people revealed that over 50 over of customers choose vegetarian meals, even though only 4 per cent of the respondents are practicing vegetarians. 

In the new range, consumers can find fibre-rich, plant-based protein foods all packing a nutritional punch to help reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and some cancers. 

“Lite n’ Easy’s full vegetarian offering makes it easy to live a healthy flexitarian or vegetarian lifestyle, with nutritious and great-tasting meals delivered straight to your door,” Lite n’ Easy dietician Ashleigh Jones said. 

“Lite n’ Easy has done all the nutritional heavy lifting for you, producing a vegetarian meal plan that includes a great range of nutritious plant foods that bring all the benefits of vegetarian eating.” 

Leanne Moriarty switched to a vegetarian-based diet with Lite n’ Easy after having gained almost 20kg due to pre-menopause and post-menopause symptoms. Now Leanne has lost almost all the weight she gained and commented that she found the new vegetarian range to be full of colour, flavour and texture. 

“As a vegetarian, it can be hard to find tasty meals that don’t always use the same feature ingredients over and over – like thick slices of eggplant and chunks of cauliflower,” Moriarty said. 

“Also, vegetarian meals often have a runny consistency and are grey in colour as people lack imagination when cooking vegetarian. Lite n’ Easy’s veggie menu is so vibrant and tasty – my favourite is the Tortilla Stack.” 

Lite n’ Easy understands that eating well is at the heart of health and wellbeing. Its dieticians and chefs create delicious, modern dishes that are nutritionally balanced and perfectly portioned to make healthy eating or weight management simple and enjoyable. Healthy meals are prepared daily using fresh, quality ingredients. 

Lite n’ Easy’s Vegetarian range offers both fresh and frozen meal options. 

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