Long live the red wine extract, Resveratrol

Resveratrol, an antimicrobial substance found in the skin of red grapes, has been stirring up interest among scientists and pharmaceutical companies, ever since the 2002 study, conducted by Dr David Sinclair at Harvard, discovered that mice fed Resveratrol lived 31% longer than a control group of mice on a diet not containing the supplement.

Since then, the so-called ‘miracle molecule’ has been the subject of intense scrutiny and testing, leading to exciting discoveries about its potential health benefits for conditions including diabetes and obesity, as well as its anti-ageing properties.

There are enormous benefits of a health supplement that can be delivered over a sustained period of time. So the scientists at Biotivia Bioceuticals, a leading manufacturer and distributor of Resveratrol products, have developed a time-release supplement.

The exciting advancement follows inquiries from doctors, health professionals and scientists who were asking for a time-release version of the supplement that they could use in clinical trials and for patients. Medical experts prescribing the compound wanted a supplement they could give to patients suffering from a wide range of age-related and lifestyle conditions.

Design of the new product, called Transmax TR, took two years of testing and development, which culminated in the unique time-release form of the supplement. The successful conclusion of the work means Transmax, the most potent form of the anti-ageing supplement Resveratrol, has been specially developed to release a sustained dosage over a 12-hour period. Transmax is the world’s first Trans-Resveratrol supplement that has 1000 times the potency of red wine. Its 100% natural compound contains no genetically modified ingredients, fillers or other chemicals and additives. Among its benefits are reduced appetite and cravings, better sleep, lower blood sugar and more energy.

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