Looking for a conveyor belt?

Q. What types of conveyor belts do Intralox supply?

A. Intralox supplies all types of modular belting to the food industry, including flat belts, radius belts, spirals, inclines and declines.

In addition we have a large range of surface finishes, flights, side guards and co-injection moulded rubber surfaces to ensure the belt is optimised for your application.

From hygienic, easy to clean products designed for raw product handling to those for case and package handling, such as the Series 400 Angled Roller, Intralox has belts to meet the differing needs of food processors and packers.

Q. How do the belts benefit food processors handling raw product?

A. Intralox’s EZ Clean Family of products, including SeamFree — the widest seamless plastic module range available on the market — cater to the ever-increasing hygiene and sanitation requirements in food industries.

All belts in the EZ Clean family are moulded from non-porous, non-absorbent plastics, which contain no pockets or recessed areas in the underside that can harbour debris.

Combined with the EZ Clean in Place system and Angled Sprockets, the belts can be cleaned using significantly less water compared with manual cleaning.

Q. How do the conveyors address challenges faced by food processors?

A. With sanitation and hygiene being extremely important in the food industry, Intralox strives to provide the most innovative solutions to meet these needs and, in many cases, regulatory standards.

Intralox also recognises there are other concerns in the food industry that must be met and has developed belts to reduce product adhesion, marking and contamination.

In addition to these challenges, Intralox aims to provide its customers with a product that will have a long life and provide little or no downtime.

Intralox’s customer service team is divided into industry specialists who are trained to serve a particular industry and are available 24/7 for customer’s needing assistance.

Q. What advice can you offer food processors in the market for conveyor belts?

A. Food processors should choose a belt that has a long life, will provide the least amount of downtime and is backed by a knowledgeable customer service team to assist with all their needs.

Based on 30 years experience and feedback from customers, Intralox has learned that without comprehensive service, most modular plastic belt users would lose more profit in downtime, maintenance and replacement costs, and production delays than they currently pay for belting purchases.

Intralox is more than a belt supplier, it provides the best possible advice and guidance to assist customers in their conveyance application.

When purchasing a conveyor, the total cost of ownership is important to consider.

It is easy to look and settle for the cheapest belt, but the most important thing is to find one that will cost the least over time.

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