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Loryma produces wheat textures to create meat alternatives


Loryma, a globally distributed wheat producer, has released its portfolio of Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) comprising of six basic types, in the Lory Tex range. 

While serving as a protein base, the Loryma TVPs also give meat alternatives an authentic mouthfeel. Through targeted selection, combination and hydrogenation of the dry texturates, different types of meat and fish can be replicated. This includes an array of processing variants such as sausage meat, fillets and minced meat.  

The neutral taste of the ingredients means there is no need for masking flavours. 

The texturates are available in powder format, which can be used for protein enrichment or vegetable sausage meat, and as granules for products that imitate minced meat. The long fibres, flakes and chunks can be used on their own or in combination to reproduce grown meat structures like poultry, pork or veal alternatives. 

The Lory Tex range consists mainly of wheat gluten – a renewable raw material that forms meat-like fibres through an extrusion process. As a dry product, it can be transported unrefrigerated, easily stored and rehydrated individually. 

The bite strength determines the water absorption of the ingredient, with a texturate to water ratio between 1:2 and 1:2.5. It is available in three shades – light brown, coloured with natural malt extract and reminiscent of cooked pork, along with versions in brown and dark brown which are coloured with caramel and resemble cooked beef. 

Depending on the combination, different vegan or vegetarian applications can be realised with the textured wheat proteins. If softer granulates are combined with firmer ones, popular “home style” burger patties are created. The exclusive use of Lory Tex Fibres for a homogeneous fibrous texture authentically replicates a schnitzel. 

When used in combination with finely granulated Lory Tex Powder, the texture is reminiscent of sausage meat, ideal for vegetable “chicken” nuggets. Lory Tex Chunks can also be used to create fibrous, inhomogeneous structures that emulate a matured chicken breast. 


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