Low carb bread made from six Australian Seeds

The Protein Bread Company has launched an almost carb free multigrain bread made using over 95 per cent Australian ingredients.

Whilst a typical serve of multigrain bread has around 33g of carbs, Protein Bread Mix – 6 Australia Seeds has just 1.6g of carbohydrates. That’s around 95 per cent less than regular bread. As the name suggests, the bread also has 15g of Protein per serve and is also gluten free too.

“Creating a loaf that has the same taste as a beautiful multigrain bread but without the carbs was one hell of a task. Our product team has been working closely with our suppliers, nutritionists and food tech’s for the past 12 months to create this product. I’m thrilled to now be able to get it into the hands of consumers,” said Luke Hopkins, Co-Founder and Director of The Protein Bread Co.

Rather than using bleached wheat flour found in the typical loaf of bread, the company started with a base of natural Australian ingredients such as almond meal grown in Renmark, SA, golden flaxmeal from Hamilton in VIC, and sunflower meal grown in northern NSW just to name a few.

The bread is available now through the company’s online shop and is expected to hit the shelves in health food shops all around Australia over the next couple of weeks.


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