Ludwig encourages public comment on National Food Plan

Posted by Rita Mu

The Federal Minister for Agriculture, Senator Joe Ludwig, is encouraging the public to comment on the proposed National Food Plan, which aims to develop a single vision for Australia’s food industry across all states and territories. 

According to the Government, the Plan will focus on developing key areas of the food sector such as food security, productivity and efficiency, sustainability, health and nutrition.

“From the production stages of our food, through to processing, purchasing and the consumption of food, people will be able to have their say on issues confronting our food sector now and into the future,” Ludwig said.

 “With a changing international food market, issues of food security, food affordability, access to food and the sustainability of food are even more important to address at home.

“I encourage members of the community, as well as industry stakeholders, to provide comments on what they see as key issues for their sector and also for the broader direction of the Australian food industry.

A National Food Policy Working Group was developed last year to advise the Government on issues and policies affecting Australia’s food chain. The 13-member group held their first meeting in December 2010.

The closing date for submissions is 5 August 2011.

Image: Minister for Agriculture, Senator Joe Ludwig. Source: abc.net.au

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