Lurpak launches new “weave your magic” campaign [video]

Lurpak launched their first Australian television commercial this week as part of the Danish brand’s new “Weave Your Magic” campaign.

The television commercial titled “The cook” (see below), directed by Scott Lyon of the UK’s outsider, and narrated by Rutger Hauer of Blade Runner fame, features cinematic slow motion effects and close ups of impressive feasts created by an unassuming cook.

The commercial aims to communicate the notion that good food can be created by anyone, anywhere in the world, and that the imaginations of food lovers can be transformed into exquisite meals with the right ingredients.

“When it comes to good food, cooks speak a universal language. It doesn’t matter where in the world your kitchen is, what dish you are cooking, imaginations of the food lover are most captured at the moment of creation” said Lyon.

“The commercial showcases this special moment, when the cook and the ingredients come together as one, with the help of Lurpak Butter.”

Senior brand manager Charlotte Buswell said that Australian consumers know the importance of using quality ingredients to create everything from a simple scone to an extravagant meal.

 “The campaign highlights this and encourages cooks to ‘weave their magic’, to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary,” she said.

Following the successful introduction to Aussie shores in 2006, Lurpak has identified the Australian market as having excellent growth potential as the interest in quality ingredients and home cooked meals continue to rise.

The television campaign will be complemented by a $10m marketing strategy including print media, outdoor, digital, sampling, and sponsorships of Lifestyle Food and Taste of Melbourne cooking school. 



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