Mad Mex to only serve RSPCA approved chicken

From Thursday last week, fast food outlet Mad Mex will only be serving RSPCA Approved higher welfare chicken across its 34 stores located nationally.

The move will see the chain become the only quick serve restaurant in Australia to serve the RSPCA Approved product, and will also align with the company’s BiteMark initiative which strives to make ethical and socially responsible decisions throughout the supply chain.

Mad Mex’s founder Clovis Young said he was thrilled to be serving the higher welfare product.

“The negative stories about the treatment of conventionally-farmed chicken in Australia prompted us to do our bit by introducing RSPCA Approved higher welfare chicken. We’ve worked closely with the RSPCA and their Approved Farming Scheme producers for the past few months so we’re pretty thrilled to be serving higher welfare chicken at all of our stores nationally,” said Young.

“We’re focused on making small changes and we’re confident that by choosing RSPCA Approved, we’re choosing chicken that has been treated humanely throughout its life. We’re confident that decisions like these are aligned with the standards that our customers demand as well as positively impacting the commercial farming industry. Together we can make a difference with every bite.”

RSPCA CEO Heather Neil welcomed the chains decision to serve higher welfare chicken.

“The welfare standards of meat chickens is an important area of the RSPCA’s work as these are some of the most intensively farmed animals in Australia. Conventionally farmed animals suffer serious welfare issues and this is one of the areas where we have the opportunity to make the greatest difference to animal welfare,” said Neil.

“We congratulate the efforts of Mad Mex in taking this positive step in helping to improve the welfare standards across the industry by serving higher welfare chicken nationally.” 


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