Magflow meters with IO-Link

ifm electronic has now added SM4000 with integrated IO-Link 1.1 to the already proven and successful SM2000, SM6000, SM7000 and SM8000 magflow range.

These units feature high accuracy, measurement dynamics and repeatability. They are suitable for conductive media from 20 µS/cm and feature a totaliser function. The 4-digit alphanumeric LED display is highly visible.

Variable use

The magnetic-inductive flow meter operates on Faraday’s law of induction. Conductive media flow through magnetic field, the voltage generated is proportional to the speed or flow rate. This voltage is tapped via electrodes and converted in the evaluation electronics.

SM4000 measures liquids from 5ml/min up to 3000ml/min and measures temperatures of -10…70 °C. Furthermore, an additional measuring point is no longer needed thanks to the integrated temperature monitoring.

The robust compact housing, use of resistant materials and pressure rating up to 16 bar allow flexible use.

Reliable and efficient thanks to IO-Link

By means of the IO-Link technology, the process values are now available digitally. Conversion losses during measured value transmission are a thing of the past. Saving all sensor parameters not only allows an easy replacement of sensors but also a simple and quick configuration and remote parameter setting. The user is well prepared for Industry 4.0 with the new IO-Link functionality.

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