Maggi moves from tin to plastic

Nestle New Zealand (NZ) and Australia partnered with Viscount Plastics NZ to design and produce a plastic container to replace the metal cans previously used for packaging and distributing Maggi stocks and desserts to the institutional catering trade in both countries.

The new polypropylene container is reusable, microwave and dishwasher safe, stackable and nestable, and is half the weight of the previous metal can.

An innovative finger grip to aid in carrying the packs was included without negatively impacting on its ability to be stacked, while the security of the pack was increased by strengthening the tamper proofing.

Brand identity and shelf presence were enhanced by inclusion of an embossed Nestle Food Services’ logo on the tub that remains when the labels are removed, and the use of bright yellows and reds allow the product to stand out, particularly in the cash-and-carry bulk buying environment.

Despite the initial challenges of developing new packaging for the first time in thirty years that would maintain Nestle’s brand identity, while not increasing its market price, the move to plastic has proven to be cost effective and successful for the company, with Maggi sales up in the two month period since its launch.

The tub’s nestable design has significantly reduced the storage space needed for containers at the Nestle factory, with fifteen pallet spaces per day being saved.

Deliveries of empty containers to the Nestle factory have also been cut by 80%, and 2216 pallet movements eliminated.

A more complete assessment of the product’s success will take place later this year.

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