Magna-Power DC power supplies

Magna-Power Electronics, a worldwide leader in programmable high output DC power supplies, announces the appointment of Emona Instruments as their Australian and New Zealand distributor.

Magna-Power Electronics designs and manufactures robust programmable DC power supplies in a 1.25 kW to 2000 kW+ range. This extraordinarily high DC output range is unique amongst power supply manufacturers and establishes Magna-Power’s leadership in the design, manufacture and service of power electronics.

Addressing the needs of thousands of customers worldwide from national laboratories, universities, defence and utilities to a wide range of industrial sites, Magna-Power’s high output DC power supplies find application in the manufacture of electric vehicles; simulating solar arrays for development of inverters; steering magnets for particle accelerators; powering radar systems; driving traction controllers for locomotive development; and cutting-edge energy research at several universities.

Magna-Power Electronics products are made in the USA at their vertically integrated company-designed and owned 73,500-square-foot headquarters in Flemington, New Jersey.


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