Magners Apple Cider – the secret ingredient for mop sauce

Mop sauce is a barbeque basting method that keeps meat moist while cooking on the grill. The quality of sauce ingredients will determine the flavour and complexity of your barbeque; and Magners Cider can help make a good sauce.

Magners Original Apple Cider was voted Australia’s best cider, taking out the Best in Show award at the 2017 Australian Cider Awards.

A mop sauce is the perfect balance of heat and sweet, and since a large quantity is ‘mopped’ onto your meat while cooking, you don’t need to baste as often. Mop sauce adds a smokey flavour and keeps your meat from drying out. Apple cider provides the key tartness and balances out the sweetness of any recipe.

Magners Original Apple Cider uses 17 varieties of apples, waiting until they drop before pressing and filtering them in the traditional way. Stuart Boag, the brand’s Australian marketing manager says, “We take time to ferment the cider and even more time to let it mature, up to 2 years in fact, tasting it along the way”.

As well as the top honour for Best in Show, Magners Original Apple Cider also picked up Best New World Cider and Best International Cider or Perry.

With the recent packaging update, the brand also has an exciting and appealing new look to match the quality of the cider itself.

Magners Cider is distributed in Australia exclusively by Coca-Cola Amatil thanks to an agreement with brand owner C&C Group, which covers Magners Original (330ml and 568ml bottles and draught), and Magners Blonde (330ml). Magners can also be found in all major alcohol retailers.

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