Magnetic cable and hose holder for food makers

The Adept Direct Heavy Duty Cable Magnetic Holder is an innovative magnetic bracket for hanging hoses, cables, power leads and pneumatic lines. In fact, they are suitable for use with anything that creates trip hazards in food plants or around workshops.

These magnetic cable and hose holders are ideal when performing maintenance around filling machines and food and beverage processing machinery. They keep trip hazards up off the floor and power leads and electrical cables out the inevitable water on the floor of the cellar or bottling hall.

The magnetic hanger brackets can be easily attached to any steel surface (colourbond cool room panelling, steel site sheds, steel machines etc.) using the large round zinc plated “25kg” magnet.

The non-conductive HDPE strap is simply looped under any hoses, leads and cables and clipped up into the top locking mechanism. Secure, easy and safe.

The beauty of these magnetic cable hangers is that they can be quickly detached and moved to any area that requires cable or hose holders, in a few seconds. No tools needed. No screws to undo. Just slide the cable magnet sideways and reinstall into the new location.

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