Mainland Noble

Product name: Mainland Noble

Product manufacturer: Fonterra

Ingredients: Milk, salt, cultures, enzymes (non-animal rennet)

Shelf life: Keep refrigerated at or below 4C and adhere to the sell-by date stated on the packet.

Packaging: Easy peel, airtight packaging to ensure long lasting freshness prior to opening.

Product manager: Mainland

Brand website:

What the company says
Do you love the taste of cheese but wish there was a lower fat option that was equally as delicious?

Thanks to the launch of Mainland Noble, you can now choose a tasty cheddar cheese with 30 percent less fat than Tasty, but with equally as much flavour.

It is a perfect option for healthier sandwiches or as a guilt free decision with crackers without having to compromise on taste. Mainland Noble comes in 500g and 250g blocks and can be found in your supermarket chiller – look out for the new brown pack!

RRP 250g – $5.99
RRP 500g – $8.99


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