Make the National Packaging Covenant work for you

Greenstreets Environmental Resources specialises in assisting companies compile statistics and prepare detailed action plans and annual reports in relation to their obligations under the National Packaging Covenant (NPC).

Over the past seven years the organisation has assisted a wide range of European and Australian companies, allowing them to concentrate on their core activities.

Its current client base includes companies such as Cadbury, Compass, GlaxoSmithKline, Sony and many other international firms.

Greenstreets has recently opened a dedicated Australian office to offer consultancy services, and a software product to assist signatories swiftly and accurately meet their key performance indicators (KPIs) while providing a transparent and auditable data trail.

The software also facilitates the input of the required data into the annual Industry Data Aggregation System (IDAS) online KPI Survey.

The organisation aims to empower its clients to prepare annual reports and statistics going forward with minimal cost and disruption to their core activities, while making them aware of cost savings related to packaging waste management.

Greenstreets can provide the following services to assist manufacturers, brand owners and members of the packaging supply chain:

  • Carry out packaging audits to ensure accuracy and completeness in line with the NPC’s requirements.
  • Review current systems and reporting tools.
  • Extract all available data within the company as required to prepare KPIs and apply this as a baseline for the statistics submitted for the period under review.
  • Prepare an internal report showing a full audit trail from the source data to the conclusions highlighted in the KPIs.
  • Prepare an action plan.
  • Provide one on one and online training for staff with responsibilities in relation to the NPC.
  • Present KPI analysis to senior management when required.
  • Provide ongoing support in performance improvement and preparation of action plan reports.

For further information contact Robin Tuckerman.

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