MAKE your food idea a product reality

Are you a newcomer to the food processing industry? Or are you in product Research and Development?

Natec Network can bring your food idea to a finished product with our innovative, customised cooking equipment and get you on the path to efficient production.

Our equipment, along with our food technology knowledge and unique project process, propel you into the next stage of your business and beyond.


We bring cooking solutions to those interested in widening their product range, production capability or entering food production from another industry.

Current product trends such as healthy eating, plant-based/vegan, clean eating, pizza cheeses, organic baby foods are among the many product applications prime for benefiting from Natec Network’s 30+ cooking options.

Defined product expansion paths can be optimised as our equipment also suits businesses looking for R&D capability. Production improvements on existing products are repeatable and scale-able to full production levels.

One example, an entry-level FreeTherm 50 batch cooker (processing 50 kg batches) can be used for R&D or production.


The scope covered by Natec Network’s technology is as broad and as varied as your needs.

Newcomers to the food sector or companies that want to adapt to society’s changing consumer behaviour are faced with the tough decision of which equipment and processes are most suitable to them. This makes individual tailored advice all the more important.

Whether it’s to steer your company in a different direction or to change its structure, the network has the know-how to offer tailor-made solutions for business success.


The working principle of the Natec Network is “bench breaking engineering” or “benchineering”. This term was developed to describe the multidimensional approach that allows a customer’s predetermined benchmarks to be reached and, if possible, desired or required, to exceed them.

“With the Benchineering approach, customers receive our expert support regardless of the stage of business and their position in the industry. Working with our group of companies brings you the sustainable value creation you need”, said Thomas Haas, MD at Hochland Natec.

This benchineering ethos is unique and sets Gold Peg apart from other machinery suppliers in the country.


As a founding member of the Natec Network, Gold Peg has more than 30 customisable options for batch/continuous cooking, pasteurised/UHT, and direct/indirect heating for batches from as low as 1 kilogram.

One machine ideal for exploring ideas is the MicraTherm for pasteurised and UHT direct steam injection cooking up to 2-3 kgs batches. Research shows that this cooker is the only batch equipment that can cook up to UHT (145 oC).

The MicraTherm is an excellent introduction to our RotaTherm, which offers direct steam injection continuous cooking from 50kg/h up to 10,000+ kg/h, so there is plenty of scope for growth!

To progress your ideas into optimal production, other offerings include –

An extensive batch cooker range including –

  • FreeTherm – twin auger, direct steam injection – batches from 10 kg
  • ShearTherm – flexible shear control, direct steam injection – batches from 50 kg
  • Other new designs already in progress
  • A filler and former range including low volume options
    • FreePack® – IWS filler (for Individually wrapped slices – processed cheese)
    • FreeSlice® – SOS former (for slice-on-slice processed cheese)
  • Innovative developments, including –
    • M4E (magnet for emulsification) – creating dispersions and emulsions with magnet technology
    • Step changes to performance across the ranges

There are few limits as to the benefit our technology and knowledge can do for food processing businesses of every size.


Gold Peg focuses on your needs and measures the quality of our collaboration by the solution we provide for your challenges.

This foundation will accompany you to your next level of success.

Come and talk to us at foodpro (stand D1) to find out how Gold Peg can empower your potential.

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