Making hay bales look sexy

Schutz Industries, a company based in Eudanda township in South Australia, has been a market leader in manufacturing complete hay press plant lines for the past 20 years.

With customers all across Australia and a booming hay export industry, Schutz Industries’ purchasing officer Mark Waldhuter says business has never been better.

“We are the only company in Australia that makes complete hay plant lines for hay exporters,” says Mark. “Interestingly, the COVID-19 has not had any negative impact on our business so far. In fact, we only recently commissioned a new hay press line for a customer in Western Australia and we have a lot more enquiries coming in from other export hay plants.”

Schutz Industries’ engineers chose to replace roller chains with Gates Poly Chain synchronous belts in their hay press teaser heads when they learned through their supplier, CBC, about the benefits of the belts for power transmission. 

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