Man dies at poultry processing plant

WorkSafe has called for a focus on machine guarding after a man died from head injuries after cleaning a machine at a poultry processing plant in Laverton North, Victoria.

“At this early stage, we believe the worker may have been caught up on a hook and chain system used for carrying birds around the factory,” WorkSafe’s Strategic Programs director Trevor Martin said.

According to Martin, last week’s fatality was the 15th traumatic work-related death in Victoria this year.

“Machine guarding remains one of the state’s biggest workplace safety issues – and it’s a particular risk for cleaners,” he said.

“Cleaners being pulled into machinery with exposed moving parts is a real issue – workers are being badly injured and dying. Employers and those with responsibilities for workers need to wake up and start managing the risks.”

He recommended that all staff, especially inexperienced workers, need to be trained and supervised in the safe use of machinery and equipment.

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