Man dies in meat blender accident

A 41 year old man died on Friday night at a meat distribution plant in Oregon, USA following a fatal fall into a running meat blender.

Hugo Avalos-Chanon appeared to have died from “blunt-force injuries and chopping wounds,” according to the medical examiners statement in The Oregonian’s report via the Huffington Post.

Interstate Meat Distributors plant, where the accident occurred had recently come under fire for “serious” violations regarding lax safety.

Avalos-Chanon was said to have been cleaning the blender at around 11.45pm when the accident happened. Efforts from a fellow worker failed to save the man as they did not activate the emergency switch in time to stop the machinery.

A spokesperson from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration told local news outlet, KGW, that both the plant and Avalos-Chanon’s employer, DCS Sanitation Management was being investigated over the incident.

They also stressed that it was too early to conclude if the violations were connected to the accident.

President of Interstate Meat Distributors, Darrin Hoy, said that the death was “extremely unfortunate” and that the company is cooperating with investigators.  

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