Mandarins trump oranges due to laziness

Aussie consumers are increasingly moving away from consuming oranges in favour of mandarins due to the ease of consumption.

The Western Australian citrus industry has observed a decline in orange sales while simultaneously, mandarins have enjoyed a steady rise in demand, ABC Rural reports.

WA grower, Richard Eckersley said that the trend in switching to the more convenient form of citrus has seen mandarins out-perform oranges for the first time.

“We’ve found that the demand for oranges is dropping. I think, off the top of my head, last year Coles and [Woolworths] outsold oranges with mandarins for the first time on record. I think the consumer trend is definitely shifting from oranges to mandarins, and definitely easy-peel and low-seed to seedless [varieties],” says Eckersley.

“We have tried some mandarin varieties that are difficult to peel, or difficult to eat or have high seed, and the demand for them is definitely not there."


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