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Manu Feildel goes behind-the-scenes of the poultry industry

Ingham’s has partnered with celebrity chef Manu Feildel for a new digital series, Farm to Fork with Manu to provide an insider’s perspective on sustainable poultry farming and processing.

According to recent market data, chicken accounts for 48 per cent of total meat consumption in Australia, driven by its cost-effectiveness, versatility, and sustainability.

Farm to Fork with Manu aims to enhance transparency and build consumer trust by showing the processes behind producing Ingham’s chicken.

This initiative aligns with Ingham’s mission to provide sustainable and ethically produced poultry to Australian consumers.

Manu Feildel’s collaboration with Ingham’s last year showcased the brand’s dedication to transparency and ethical production through “Ingham’s Dinner Done,” featuring quick, easy, and delicious recipes using poultry.

The series follows Manu as he explores Ingham’s farms and processing plants, discovering the company’s free-range fields in greater Brisbane.

From meeting farmers to cooking delicious chicken dishes, Manu’s journey uncovers the sustainable practices ingrained in every step of Ingham’s operation process.

The Farm to Fork with Manu series, running from June to October 2024, will be shared across social media platforms as well as through blogs and recipes.

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